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We are Dawn Kuczwara and Jer Lance; technologists, leaders, and (most importantly) opinionated people who want to draw from our wealth of experience in becoming leaders and leading teams to help answer your questions. If you'd like yours answered, email us and we'd be happy to "help!"
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May 23, 2017
This episode's question:
I was looking into doing some contract work recently and I found the process a bit strange. After filling out a questionnaire and two meetings at restaurants, I was given a "homework" assignment. The assignment itself was basically a mini project in the platform I would be working on, but after spending 10 hours on it and only being halfway through, I realized that I didn't really want to take on this extra work because it paid hourly slightly less than what I made at my full time job and I was struggling to keep up with my personal responsibilities, so it just didn't feel worth it. So I have a few questions. Is it common (or even feasible) to do contract work on top of a full time job? How many hours should one reasonably expect to be able to work without affecting their full time job? What is the hiring process for contract work normally like?
Interesting Notes:
  • Number of hours in a week, 168 (not 140 or 3000 Jer)
  • "Ephemeral" (not "efurmurmurmur" Dawn)
  • Go and see Dawn speak at ThatConference in Wisconsin
May 9, 2017
Yanni Kuznia, COO of Subterranean Press, and I spent this episode at Penguicon hanging out with our fellow geeks, answering some quick-hit questions from our inbox, and fielding a few more from the audience. Questions covered here include:
  • How do we reconcile our statements that "firing is failure" and that one should "coach up or coach out"?
  • How do you deal with teammates that have a hygiene or odor issue?
  • How do you train to be a leader? What classes should one take?
  • How do you avoid feeling as though you have to explain your every decision to your team?
  • How do you handle a situation where a person to whom you report is making a bad decision that will have a big impact?
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