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We are Dawn Kuczwara and Jer Lance; technologists, leaders, and (most importantly) opinionated people who want to draw from our wealth of experience in becoming leaders and leading teams to help answer your questions. If you'd like yours answered, email us and we'd be happy to "help!"
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Mar 14, 2017
This episode's question:
What does a manager/leader do? What makes a good manager/leader?
Feb 28, 2017
This episode's question:
How do you teach/groom soft skills in technical people that lack them, or even that express an active disdain for them?
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What if every person you come across is doing the best they can to meet needs you can understand and recognize in yourself, even when their strategies are not to your liking?

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Feb 14, 2017
This episode's question:
How do you identify people who have leadership qualities on your team and give them opportunities to practice those skills before they come into power themselves?
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Jan 31, 2017
This episode's question:
How do you motivate an employee who does "good enough" work to get them to that "drinking the koolaid" level of excitement?
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Jan 17, 2017
This episode's question is:
Can you please lend advice as to how a person in the Leadership role can encourage the passions of a team, (as a whole, and as individuals) while ensuring emotion based actions are not the end result? Recently I've had numerous team members confusing the passion for a project with their own emotionally based actions within the project. Example: Some team members have disliked decisions [I have] made, and in their protests of the decisions, acted from emotions, throwing forth behavior that could be considered immature; [things like] "I will quit if you don't agree. This is who I am and how I act. It's passionate, which you said is, good!" How [do I] put forth the concept of passion for the project versus individually based emotions?
The talk referenced and grossly misattributed was "Passion is 💩" by Jay Harris.
Jan 3, 2017
This episode's question is:
How do you create an environment that is conducive to asking for and receiving help?
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Dec 20, 2016
Welcome to our first episode! Because this is brand new, we were forced to dig through our emails, IMs, and social media to find questions that we have been asked in the past that we thought would kick things off nicely--and what better way to start something new than a question about the end of something. This episode's question:
I just got fired by my employer. I thought that I was doing better and that I wasn’t at risk, but they let me go. I’m just wondering what do I do now? Where should I look for work? What should I tell my next employer? This really stings, being my first professional job. I could really use some advice.
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